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Time Management
Bejoy - 10/1/2005-23/07/2009

What can we do to optimise calls?
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map - 11/1/2005-23/07/2009

Time is an inelastic resource and hence it needs more careful thought on how to allocate it. Once elapsed it is unavailable and non replenishable. So every moment is a one time oppurtunity and its non usage or ineffective usage is not rectifiable. Let us suppose that a person needs to create an annual result of 50 units of sale. this can be divided by 12 months and we will need to work towards just over 4 units in a month. If there are on an average 24 working days that gives us 6 working days to finalise a sale. Six working days is 6 * 10 ( hours work per day ) which is 60 hours. At 1 hour ( meeting time ) +1 hour (average travelling + in situ idle time) it gives you approx 30 meetings. if you consider that 15 of them need to be spent on creating new oppurtunity and non result follow up , we find that for every sale we can devote 15 one hour meetings other than travel etc. So now we can plan the pace of incremental commitment that we need to work towards if we need to get a sale of 50 units. If we need to sell 100 units the meetings will be either have to be only 1/2 hour or only 7 meetings are to be scheduled. This means that the seller's ability must be of a higher order as well as he must develop a keener sense of sales call effectiveness.

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