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Lakshya GST Tax Center (Beta) Released
New Capability in Lakshya Goods & Services System to file GST Tax Returns, E-WAY Bill Generation and achieve full GST Compliance.
Apr 11,2018
Lakshya Goods & Services (Beta) Released
A new addition to the Lakshya Suite. Now Lakshya extends its support to Enterprises that are moving towards GST Regime.
Mar 31,2017
Lakshya Process (Beta) Released
A new addition to the Lakshya Suite. Now Lakshya extends its support to Enterprises that have continuous processes.
Feb 17,2010
Lakshya 3.0 released
Lakshya 3.0 presents a fully integrated information management environment for Capital Equipment Dealerships. The modules available are People, Money, Materials, Assembly, Workshop, Service , Sales, Reuse and Academy.
Jun 12,2007
Lakshya People 1.0 Beta released
Jul 27,2006
Lakshya Academy 1.0 released.
Lakshya Academy is an online learning system. This can be used by any type of organization for setting up online courses, which is progressively available to the learner.
Apr 01,2006
Lakshya Resale ver 1.0 released.
A comprehensive tool which facilitates Trading in Pre Used equipment , supports a auction/tender site.
Oct 15,2005
Lakshya Materials 1.0 Beta released.
Mar 12,2005
Congratulations to India Techs on becoming Best in Sales and Platinum Parts Dealer for 2004
Feb 05,2005
Lakshya Money 1.0 Beta released
Jan 03,2005
Lakshya Works 1.0 released
Lakshya Works 1.0 released
Aug 01,2004
Lakshya Service 1.4 released.
May 05,2004
Lakshya Sales 2.15 released.
Whats new in Lakshya Sales 2.15
Product Configurator
* Configure products from a set of Components and Valuesets.
* Automatic composing of product code and price from the components.
Product Categories
* Define multiple level of Product Categories followed by an End Category, to which products are assigned.
Queries & Reports
* Access queries and reports built in DataClient from Prospector and Monitor clients.
* Navigate directly to the appropriate form from queries.
* Send mail to any personnel or prospect through Main Server or default mail application.
* Save the mail in the database and retrieve them later from Mail Outbox.
* Access mails from inbox folder of Microsoft Outlook and link them with deals.
Default Option
* Set default values of time periods for Deal, Sales Call and Deal Action.
* A new Advanced filter option, other than the basic filter (Look For), helps to create complex filters and apply them on the data displayed.
* Save the filter to an external file and load them later.
- Few bug fixes and improvements.
Mar 05,2004

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