Lakshya Sales is a knowledge product which is targeted at medium to large sized companies promoting sale of capital products or services.

Most situations involving the marketing of capital-intensive products and services are spread over large geographies. Lakshya Sales exploits the Internet to shrink distances between People constantly on the move. Each one gets the luxury of reviewing every move as if it were happening in the confines of a single conference room. Lakshya Sales allows each monitor to review ongoing effort at their convenience, reflect and respond to all requests for assistance.

Lakshya imposes the discipline of recording details at the lowest levels of interaction in the organisation. It gathers the import of these records into several higher levels of assessment. It thereby serves the timely information needs at all levels of organisation. Since Lakshya Sales requires daily inputs from the field personnel, not a single opportunity is left without attention. Lakshya Sales requires that the next follow-up for each transaction be clearly stated, and thus automatically brings systematization and focus.

Lakshya Sales is therefore truly a knowledge product. It holds the entire history of the marketing process of an organization. It becomes an invaluable tool for the training of new personnel. It retains for the organization all critical information pertinent to marketing, irrespective of personnel migration. Lakshya Sales provides for true and objective assessment of field monitoring personnel. Over time, it becomes possible to generate a competent, focused and motivated team with systematic business processes that guarantee the best penetration of the available market.

  • Structured capture of market space data.
  • Uniform qualification and intensification.
  • Prioritization of prospects on the basis of need, capacity and utility.
  • Optimal use of resources and time.
  • Enlarge reach of expertise and experience.
  • Intervention and assistance on real time basis.
  • Pursue best available opportunities.
  • Serves as a marketing epicenter.
  • Achieve enterprise wide cohesive competence.
  • Retain and capitalize vital market knowledge and experience.